Earthdawn with Rachel and Andy

Summoned by Charcoalgrin

While speaking with Cleotha Splalyfoot out in the streets in Haven, Fafedriel comes by and blamed Cleotha and Deathskull for the death of his nephew, R'Grag (fell off of a mountain while on one of Cleotha's caravans from Parlainth to Throal.  See previous adventure notes for more details.  He makes a lot of non-specific threats about future payback against Cleotha, Deathskull, and even against Torkgak (who was just kind of standing there) and against Haven itself…even against Throal.  Then he stormed off.  Cleotha looked visibly shaken, although she tried to hide it.  Torkgak looked unimpressed.

Moments later, two rough looking Unforgivables approached the characters shortly after Cleotha and Torgak left.  They gave the player characters clay fired dragon badges…with a black background instead of the red background ones that the Unforgivables had (signifying that the player characters are guests and not to have permanent access).  

The players were told to bring all of the magic items recovered from the old Theran lab (see previous adventure notes), and they were told to as for "Captain Zhorgok" at one of the Unforgivables checkpoints on the border of the Vaults and the Laneways.

After a very short amount of prep time in Haven, the characters went to the Unforgivables checkpoint, where a few Unforgivables escorted them to a pyramid in the Vaults, near Charcoalgrin's main complex.

Inside was a room with a rount table.  When they entered, Slowstone was there and said "Master should be along shortly.  Would you like some tea while we wait?"  The players had a brief conversation with Slowstone where they learned his name and a little of the backstory of how he was named and ended up serving as Captain Zhorgak's assistant.  (See original GM only notes for more details…the conversation went pretty much as described there.)

The players then met with Charcoalgrin.  Again, see GM notes…most of what is there ended up coming up in the conversation, but here are some high points.

  • Kayhana correctly identified the rusted old sword as the most valueable of the magic items they had recovered

    • Charcoalgrin said she had no interest in the other "trinkets" from the Theran lab
    • Charcoalgrin said that the sword's name was "Purifier" but did not give any other information about it.
  • Charcoalgrin asked the player characters if they had heard the rumor that she was horror tainted

    • They replied that they had heard it but did not believe it.
    • She invited them behind her curtain to see that she had brought the bloatform from the Theran lab under her control.
    • She told them that she is indeed NOT horror tainted.
  • Charcoalgrin ordered the player characters to travel to meet with Shivalahala Syrtis and bring back an answer to her riddle/question: "If a blessed dog and a cursed lion fight over the same bone, which will prevail?"

    • She said that the Shivilahala will be wise enough to know the meaning of the question.  She said that dragons are not in the habit of seeking the input of the lesser Namegivers, but that she values the Shivilahala's opinion much higher than most.
  • Andromedon half-solved one the dragon's riddles (the one whose answer was "Parlainth"…he said "The Screaming/Singing Fountain."  HIs reward was that Charcoalgrin told him how to gain an audience with Shivalahala Syrtis: by waling the Pilgrim's Trail.
  • Charcoalgrin kept Purifier in her vaults.  She intends to keep it until she can decide whether the passions truly intended for the player characters to have it, or whether it was dumb luck.  She let them keep all of their other items.

After the meeting, the Unforgivables took the badges back and allowed the characters to leave with all of their posessions, except for Purifier.






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