Earthdawn with Rachel and Andy

The story so far far as I remember it, anyway. And this is very abbrieviated.

Rachel and Andy's characters were all in Partlainth, seeking to make their fortunes as adventurers.

They took an odd job doing various tasks for Hax, a businessman from Throal, setting up a theater in a reclaimed section of the Smalls, in the ruins just beyond Haven's walls.  The concept of the theater was to give upscale Throalites a chance to visit Parlainth and say that they have "explorer the ruins"…meaning "had dinner just on the other side of the wall."

During the first performance of the show (a soft opening, where Hax performed his magic for the Haven locals), an employee of Hax's, named Byron, added a cursed compass to the act.  Anyone who touched it (including a few of the player characters) received a minor curse.  The compass would magically appear in the possession of one of the people who had touched it and they could not get rid of it until they had performed a particular task that it "wanted" them to do.  Some of these tasks were annoyances, some put them in danger or pitted residents of Haven against one another.

It turned out that Byron was a questor of Dis (Hax did not know this, and neither did the player characters).  The compass incident game lasted a few sessions and ended up with the player characters having the compass disenchanted.  Byron was killed by a Shadowmant that he set loose in Haven.

Hax later suggested that the player characters escort Cleotha Splayfoot (see Parlainth and Throal books for more info) on a caravan from Parlainth to Throal.  Fefadrial, and upper circle blood elf (also see Parlainth book) suggested that his nephew (a blood elf whose name I can't remember) also go with Cleotha.  Cleotha didn't seem to like the idea, but she agreed (she seemed to have felt compelled to do so, possibly out of fear of Fefadrial).

During the journey to Throal, Fefadrial's nephew, Rgrag fell off of a mountain and was killed when his horse lost its footing. Up until that point, Andy's troll Deathskull had been clashing with him, but the blood elf's death was unrelated and purely accidental. Other caravan NPC's Brock and J'allen witnessed R'grag's accident.

There were a couple of other notable events during the trip to Throal.  Rachel's Elf troubador (Andromadon) received a mysterious letter telling him to sneak into Cleotha's wagon, steal a blue scroll, and replace it with a decoy.  He was to do this before someone else in the party (may have been the blood elf…I don't remember) could get to it first.  He failed.  Cleotha later told him that he was being tested.  Even though he failed, she liked him and saw some potential in him, so the people she worked with (she didn't elaborate) may have some use for him in the future.

There was also an incident where one of Andy's wounded characters was being stalked by a Kreeska.  A couple of player characters and NPC's fought the Kreeska and knocked it off of a mountain.

Rachel's character, Andromadon (or was this Garadin??? Rachel said Andromedon but mr notes said it was her "male dwarf elementalist"…Garadin in a wizard, maybe I meant him?) also noticed some runic markings on a cave wall in the foothills of the Throal mountains. He made notes of the runes but didn't tell anyone except for Cleotha.  After reaching Throal he researched the markings in the library and realized that they were wards that were used to protect the entrance of a kaer.  Most likely, he had found the entrance to a forgotten, still-sealed kaer.

The party finally got to Throal.  They found basic temporary lodging (aside from one of Rachel's dwarf characters who stayed with low ranking noble family members…I'll have to fill in that back story later).



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