Earthdawn with Rachel and Andy

Working to get the airship

...then going back to Parlainth

Once in Throal, the player characters did various tasks to help house Byril'ah (Hax's house) grease the political skids to allow them to take possession of a Troll Drakaar that Prince Neden had captured in a recent adventure.

Neden had previously promised to give the airship to His Majesty's Exploratory Force.  But since house Byril'ah has always been close to the Royal Family, Neden and Varulus were willing to listen to Hax's proposal.

They finally reached a compromise. The ship would be owned jointly by House Byril'ah and H.M.E.F., but a few things needed to be accomplished to get all parties to agree to the compromise.

Cleotha mentioned to Rachel's character, Andromedon, that he should use the location of the sealed kaer as a bargaining chip to help House Byril'ah in the negotiation.  She pointed out that a small band of first circle adepts was not fully equipped to open a kaer by themselves.  She also pointed out that two of the other member of the caravan had spotted the runic markings and had been looking for hired help to assist them in opening the kaer and exploring it.  If Andromedon didn't act soon, his information would become worthless anyway.  Andromedon turned over the information about the kaer to H.M.E.F.

The second problem was that Selenda, of house Ueraven (see Throal book) had gotten wind of the proposed deal and wanted to put a stop to it, simply to spite the Royal Family.  Although she didn't have any official reason to have a say in the matter, she had the ability to create a lot of headaches for Varulus, so Cleotha, acting as a go-between to keep house Byril'ah from having to associate too closely with the player characters (keeping open the possibility of using them for more clandestine operations), told Andromedon that House Byril'ah needed some dirt on Selenda in order to leverage her into keeping her mouth shut.

Cleotha said that she knew of an enemy of Selenda's who had information that could hurt her, though Cleotha didn't know what the information was.  The potential informant was associated with a Hach'var team that had recently fallen ill (suspected poisoning).  He agreed to release the information directly to House Byril'ya (not to the characters) if the characters filled in and won the Hach'var game. (This is based off of an adventure framework in the Throal source book.)

The characters sought out Zamirica One-Knee (also Throal book) to receive training in Hach'var.  It's cheating the rules a little, but because of this training I gave all of the player-characters a level 1 Hach'var skill.

One of Andy's characters (I think it was Deathskull) was approached by Thom Edrull.  Edrull offered him money in exchanged for throwing the match.  (Deathskull had previously bribed Edrull to get a look at the forbidden book on the Horrors in the Great Library.)  Deathskull refused, and the player-characters went on to win.

The next day at a poetry reading in the Grand Auditorium, Kelassa of House Bryl'ya was joined on stage by Prince Neden and Oergesol (leader of His Majesty's Exploratory Force) to announce the sharing of the airship.  It would be for the purposes of assisting H.M.E.F. and also for allowing hosue Byril'ya to begin offering tourist packages to remote locations of Barsaive, as well as spreading Throalic culture to areas where it was needed most.

Shortly after this, Cleotha headed back to Parlainth with a return caravan.  The player characters spent a few uneventful weeks in Throal (they are all Throalic citizens now), getting familiar with the setting, and then rode the airship back to Parlainth.

On the way, they spotted a dwarf on board the airship looking over the edge and hastily drawing maps.  He mentioned that he was looking for a fabled jungle settlement near Parlainth, but he had not managed to spot it.

When the airship arrived in Parlainth, the player characters noticed that the theater was much more complete than it was the last time they had seen it.  Attached to the theater was an airship dock and a hotel, made entirely out of a single living tree that Hax was growing using his abilities as an elementalist.

Hax was too busy to meet with the characters, but he sent word to them that he would have some work for them soon.  In the meantime, he offered them free rooms at the soon-to-be-opened hotel.



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