Hax, of House Byril'ya

Dwarf businessman, trying to make Partlainth a tourist destination for wealthy Throlites. His company has its own airship (captured Troll Drakkar) and wants to use it to profit by creating exclusive toursit experiences around Barsaive.


Sixth circle elementalist, but retired from adventuring.

Wants to bring a wealthy Throalites to Parlainth and other destinations as a for-profit tourist operation, using an airship that the player characters had a part in helping him acquire. See adventure log, Working to get the airship

Torgak doesn’t like him, but Hax doesn’t feel any ill will toward Torgak. He understands that Torgak is just trying to protect his own position and do what he feels is best for Parlainth. He has asked the player characters to help him smooth things over with Torgak whenever possible. His hope is that he and Torgak can find some common ground and move toward a future that is good for Parlainth and Barsaive as a whole.


Hax, of House Byril'ya

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