Earthdawn with Rachel and Andy

The following player characters participated in this adventure:

Deathskull, Rock Shooter, Buddy, Tristan, Andromedon, Kayana, Garadin.

Archiana Smoothskin gave the player characters an assignment that had come to the Association from Pagmore Guilthroat (Parlainth book). There's had been reports of people dressing as falsemen and "capturing" War Zone monuments in an attempt to rig the war games. The players were offered a bounty for killing or capturing the offenders.

On the way to the War Zone, the players had a junior incident at the Screaming Fountain where a couple of them went temporarily crazy and started fighting each other. I don't remember which characters, but at least one of them was Andy's…maybe RockShooter? They also sustained some injuries due to traps on the Laneways, but nothing too serious.

the players went to the designated spot in the war zone and found a few people dressed as falsemen. They were about to confront them when actual falsemen ambushed the people pretending to be falsemen.

One of the player characters (don't remember which) was walking and the ground collapsed below him. He fell into a very deep hole, and the other players soon followed as a way of escaping the escalating falsemen battle above ground.

They had fallen into a room in the Western Catacombs. The room had served as a laboratory for a pre scourge Theran wizard. The wizard had been performing experiments on a live Bloatform that he had in a custom built containment chamber.

The Theran wizard was killed in the battle between the wizards and the horrors, shortly after Parlainth was removed from the world. The combined magical energy of the horrors and the Therans in that battle permeated the experimentation chamber. The chamber was almost perfectly intact, but the wizard's stoneman was accidentally given the ability to speak, and to cast spells.

The unnamed stoneman repeatedly insisted that he could not speak, and he denied the ability to use magic, even though he was using magic in front if the characters. He kept insisting that his master would return any minute. All of the chamber doors were magically locked, although the stoneman would lock and unlock them as needed as he walked around.

One door lead to the wizard's library. Another to a store room full of magic items. Another to the bloatform chamber, and another to a tunnel leading further into the western Catacombs.

The players finally convinced the stoneman that his master was long dead and that he was free to think and act for himself. (They mostly did this to convince him to unlock the door to keg them out, even though "master would not approve".)

The stoneman had always been tasked with keeping the place "tidy" and decided that his first act of freedom would be to see what it felt like for things to be untidy. So he unlocked the external  door and calmly announced that he would be releasing the horror.

The characters, all circle 1, wisely decided to run rather than to fight the horror. Before running, some if them grabbed what they could from the wizard's storeroom. The players have not yet researched any of the items, so see GM Only notes about what they found.

The players ran down the corridor away from the lab. It was mostly collapsed but they managed to get through because before announcing his plan to release the bloatform, the stoneman graciously cleared a path through the rubble to allow them to escape.

They finally came to three shimmering portals (a side effect of the lingering magic in the Western a Catacombs). They picked one and all ran through it. It warped them onto the top of a building in The Vaults (the building resembled Torgak's because he modeled his shop after the architecture of The Vaults.

They managed to make it back to Haven with only light to moderate injuries, but nothing permanent. They spotted a few Unforgivables patrols, but since the players were away from Charcoalgrin's courtyard, the patrols didn't come very close and they were able to avoid detection. 

Altogether they brought six items back from the magician's storeroom. See GM Only notes for details.



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