Cleotha Splayfoot

Dwarf merchant in Parlainth, running Caravans to Throal. Outspoken in her support of King Varulus and Throal.


See Parlainth book and brief mention in Throal book.

She considers it bad luck for a caravan to leave sober. Her tradition is to buy her caravan guards multiple rounds at the local tavern before setting out. Bad idea for security, but great for morale.


Hired the player characters to escort her caravan, along with some NPC’s, from Parlainth to Throal. The story so far

Is an ally of House Byril’ya, of Hax, of House Byril’ya, and of Kelassa, of House Byril’ya

Acted as a minor intermediary between House Byril’ya and the player characters. Working to get the airship

Cleotha Splayfoot

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