Stoneman, servant of Captain Zhorgok of the Unforgivables


Originally constructed but a pre-scourge Theran wizard, this falsemen made of stone now has a new master, Captain Zhorgok

The full details of Slowstone’s construction and how the player characters met him can be found in this adventure log: Found magic items in old Theran lab

The stoneman originally had no name. When the characters fled the lab, the stoneman and the bloatform followed behind some time later. The bloatform had no interest in attacking the stoneman, though it did completely destroy the Theran lab out of anger directed at the long-dead a Theran wizard.

Eventually they were discovered by an Unforgivables patrol. After a few patrols were wiped out, Charcoalgrin herself came in to subdue the pair, but let the stoneman and the horror live. She used unknown ancient dragon powers to bring the horror under her control. The stoneman was simply persuaded through discussion.

Charcoalgrin named the stoneman “Slowstone” because he is dim witted (Slowstone was so thrilled to finally have a name that he took no offense.) Charcoalgrin, using some ancient variant of the renaming ritual known only to great dragons, was able to rename him without completely destroying his pattern. This allowed Slowstone to retain his powers of speech and his spell casting abilities. He is currently still practicing to gain control of his spell casting.

The bloatform, now Charcoalgrin’s pet, he Named “Percy.”



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