Earthdawn with Rachel and Andy

Traveling to Darranis

The players need to get to the Floating City of V'strimon because the Pilgram's Trail begins near there.  They met with Hax to ask about airship passage.  The airship was about to leave the next day for Throal because it was needed for official business of His Majesty's Royal Exploratory Force. (The airship is technically the property of King Varulus, with permission for Hax to time-share it with H.M.R.E.F.)  

Hax said that the player characters could get a ride to Throal but no farther.  He said their best bet would be to travel with a Caravan from Throal to Darranis where they could negotiate for river boat passage to the Floating City.

Most of the trip from Throal to Darranis was uneventful, but about three days walk from Darranis, the caravan was attacked by three Sarauls (I was using the 1ED stats from the Creatures book, which are much weaker than the stats in the 4ED book).

Dawn Death (Andy's T'skrang Swordmaster) was the victim of a Saural acid attack to the face.  He survived, but his eyes were almost completely destroyed. The players killed the Saurals and Deathskull (Andy's Troll Nethermancer) took the glands out of two Saurals, worth legend points and 200 silver each.  During the attack, Keyhana remembered (using a knowledge skill) that Saurals can be tricked by painting large eyes on another object, making them target the decoy instead.  She and Buddy (Andry's dwarf skyraider) created a pair of false eyes on the wagon, which helped them to defeat the Saurals.

The caravan was only about an hour away from a small trading settlement, so the players stayed with the caravan until they reached the settlement.  

The settlement consisted of only about ten makeshift structures.  It was just a temporary trading outpost run by a small group of T'skrang whose riverboad had been sunk by a T'keshin warship some time ago.  They now make a living by producing what items they can and trading with caravans that travel between Darranis and Throal.  The structures were near the river in an area that would be underwater when the river flooded.  The village was mostly run by T'skrang, but there were a few namegivers of other races there also.

The settlement was being harrassed by some Shrieker Bats nearby.  So far they had not attacked anyone, but their shrieking was destroying trade goods, including pottery made by a male Human named Grollock.

Grollock told the players that there was a questor of Garlen who camped out on a hill above the settlement and that she may be able to heal Dawn Death's eyes, but that she was "crazy."  He warned them not to approach her without a gift, preferably the gift of several dead Shrieker Bats.  Andromedon determined that Grollock was lying, so he and Death Skull decided to approach her directly.

The questor's name was Larona (see wiki post for this character).  She was a 160 year old elf.  She offered them some Mahogany Tinrose tea and had some light conversation with them.  She said that she traveled around a lot and had only recently come to this village.

She was very pleasant and said that she did not want a gift.  She would heal him for free.  Death Skull even offered her one of the Saural glands (for use in making potions), but she insisted in paying him full price.  She bought both for 400 silver pieces total.  She also mentioned that she had had some conflicts with Grollock since arriving in the village but she did not go into detail.

The three of them walked down the hill back to the village.  She attempted to heal Dawn Death, but was unsuccessful.  She explained that she could make one attempt each day.  The caravan moved on without the player characters.  The caravan operator was fine with them leaving the caravan early.  He paid them for the portion of the journey that they had already worked and left (5 silver each per day, docking for the time missed by not completing the journey).

On the second day, the Larona successfully healed Dawn Death's eyes, basically using her powers to grow him a new set of eyes and repair all other damage done to his face.

The player characters continued on to Darranis without any other incidents..

characters got into a bar fight with a human non adept, orc scout, troll wizard, and a dwarf elementalist. Characters won, killing the orc. The other characters ran., except the troll who was unconscious. A few player characters were wounded but mostly recovered by the next morning. They booked passage on K'trallor's riverboat, a T'skrang showboat headed for the Floating City for V'strimon, in time for the festival of flowers.

in addition to the crew of the showboat, a small band of dwarven entertainers also booked passage. Also an elderly wealthy dwarf couple and a middle aged Human in a gray cloak.



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